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Muay Thai

Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy Tauranga

Our club epitomizes the warrior spirit, our head trainer Ryan Clement believes in the power of Muay Thai to effect  positive changes in ones life, with experience training and fighting in Thailand he aims to bring a unique and challenging form of self discipline and fitness to all comers. The Martial Arts Academy Tauranga have Muay Thai classes for all ages and levels of experience, so whether you want to train for fitness or to compete, we have a class for you. Our kids classes have a structured syllabus that will ensure steady growth and development of your Childs Muay Thai skill, fitness, academic performance and positive behavior. 

To find out more about Muay Thai call us on 07 5785 344


When starting a new martial art, some times it's great to get a "kick start", so we are offering these great packages to help you get completely fitted out with all the right gear and to accelerate your learning by taking some one on one classes with our world class trainers.


2 private lessons                $120

Hand wraps                        $16.90

Sparring Gloves SilvFern     $69.90

Venum Shin Guards            $49.90

Mouth Guard                      $10



​Muay Thai Shorts               $50

Nak Rop training singlet     $30

4private lessons                 $240

Hand Wraps                        $16.90

Venum Ankle supports       $25

Venum Boxing Gloves         $85

Venum Shin Guards            $49.90

Total Value                        $266.70 Total Value                         $496.80

Save                                   $41.70

Now Only                          $255

Save                                   $71.80

Now Only                           $425















* This offer applies to new students only