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Terms of Membership

Attendance & Holds:

If members are going to be unable to train for a period of two weeks or more, due to injury, work commitments or extended travel, they can suspend their membership for the period away from training. TMAA membership holds must be advised before the period you will be absent, and will not be actioned retroactively. During a membership hold, fee's will still be charged and the time absent will be added to the end of your membership term.


From $110 term fee is only applicable to primary school children and accompanying parents.

Family discounts are only available where members have an equivalent value membership. 

Membership discounts and fees are only available to those members who set up direct debits.

Members who have fee's in arrears, may not be allowed to train.


Training Etiquette:

Members will pay all instructors and other members due respect.

Members who disrespect other members or TMAA instructors, may not be allowed to train until a resolution is made, or may have their membership terminated without refund.

Members must treat all training equipment and facilities with due care. Failure to treat the facilities and equipment with due care may result in suspension or termination of membership without refund.


Code of Conduct:

Members who engage in activity outside of The Martial Arts Academy, whereby they utilise their martial arts teaching in a violent manner, other than in competition, sport, employment or self defence, may be barred from further training. In this event the membership may be terminated without refund.

TMAA reserves the right to refuse service and training to any party, member or otherwise at our complete discretion. 

TMAA reserves the right to terminate memberships at our complete discretion.


Injury Waiver & General Release Clause: 

Members acknowledge that participation in training and competition exposes you to a possibility of personal injury, and hereby release The Martial Arts Academy and its officers, directors, employees, trainers, members, independent contractors and affiliates from any and all liability from property damage, personal injuries, or other claims arising from or in connection with your participation in the program including claims that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future or contingent.

Members acknowledge that you have read and fully understand the Injury Waiver and General Release Clause. This agreement is binding on you, your spouse, your children, legal representatives, and assignees.



* This offer applies to new students only