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Martial Arts, Boost Immunity Covid 19

There are many benefits to training martial arts, not the least of which are physical, mental, and spiritual in nature. However in a pandemic ravaged world, the health benefits of training martial arts and the ability to boost our immune system are of top priority. 

Starting Martial Arts

We all need a push sometimes, and if you were looking to take up martial arts then this might be the push you’ve been waiting for. This article is about a student’s first steps and serves as a quick guide to starting martial arts. It’s largely based on advice I’ve received from instructors and peers with many years experience. Personally, I’ve only recently been introduced to Karate and Brazilian Ju Jitsu, the latter of which has now become my favourite hobby.

Paul Walker BJJ

The late Paul Walker was inspired to take up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mauy Thai after watching the first UFC Mixed Martial Arts fightsAccording to Walkers teacher, Ricardo Miller, Paul loved BJJ and practiced whenever he could, wherever he was in the world. One of his favourite moves was the bow-and-arrow choke, and he was also known to have a fierce guard game. Upon his untimely death, Walkers was awarded an honorary black belt in BJJ. This belt was presented by Miller to Walkers family and commemorated ten years of dedication and training. 

Support is huge - family, husband, kids need to support you in your training and grading otherwise it falls away.  TKD is not like going to the gym where you can miss a bit and pick it up, it is a commitment and has to be recognised as such.  As soon as you stop for a while it is hard to want/feel you can go back to it.