Box-Fit | The Martial Arts Academy
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Put down the weights... and train like a boxer!!!

Friendly, Fast paced, Group training. Learn how to move like a boxer, throw combinations, use your body weight for resistance training, and join the millions of people world wide who have learnt the benefits of high energy combat based cardio training.

TMAA Box-Fit taken by 2 x Northern Thailand Muay Thai Champ Alexis Gamiz Lazo or personal trainer Kevin Elder is a high intensity workout, which combines many techniques used by professional boxers.

TMAA Box-Fit will reduce your body fat, tone your body, increase your strength, and drive your cardio through the roof. 

TMAA Box-Fit is an exciting way to lose weight, and get a full body workout. Classes have loads of variety to keep you interested, so put down those dumb bells, and train like a pro boxer.

Whether you are a looking to lose weight, build fitness or just want the challenge of learning a few boxing skills, our experienced trainers will support and guide you every step of the way, in our friendly training facility. 



* This offer applies to new students only