School Holiday Martial Arts Programme

Come join us for an action packed week of fun activities, including Taekwon-Do, Self Defence, Anti Bullying, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Boxing, and a whole lot more...

This holiday programme is for children from the ages of 5-13yrs, kids will be divided up into age appropriate groups, and no experience in martial arts required.

These are not our typical training sessions, they are fun and games based sessions, with a bit of hard work thrown in.The kids love this programme they make lots of new friends, and many have discovered a life long passion at these classes.

Our facilities are clean and safe, and the instructors have plenty of experience with children.

Where: TMAA 154 First Ave West, Tauranga

When: October 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th from 9am-3pm.


Half Day $25 (TMAA Member $20)

Full Day $40 (TMAA Member $35)

Full Week $190 (TMAA Member $165)

BJJ Tournament The Martial Arts Academy

The TMAA BJJ Invitational  is open to invited clubs and their members. Due to space limitations we have had to pull back from running an open comp as we couldn't handle the numbers at the last one. Both the kids comp and the adults will be limited to 100 entries each. 

This kids BJJ comp is for children aged 5yrs to 13yrs and will weigh in at 8.30am and begin at 9am Sat October 21st. Entrants must register online with accurate weight, or they will run the risk of missing out on competing on the day. 
Divisions under 10 years will be determined by weight, age and belt grade. Divisions 10yrs+ will be determined by weight, age, belt grade and gender.
The divisions will run on a bracketed knockout basis, with children who win proceeding in their division, and children who lose their first fight, getting a 2nd roll with another losing competitor. All children will have at least 2 opportunities to compete. 
Their will be medals for all divisions, plus spot prizes and a sportsmanship trophy for the student who displays the best attitude and budo.

The adult BJJ comp will weigh in at 12pm and begin at 1pm. Again all competitors must register online with accurate weight, as the competition brackets will be set up the day before, based on your registration and missing weight may result in disqualification.
Dependant on competitor numbers we will be running the following adult divisions; Novice (first time competitors), Youth (14yrs - 16yrs), Adult (by weight and belt), Seniors 40+ (by weight and belt) and Open (any belt by weight).
Competitors may enter multiple divisions i.e. Novice, Adult & Open.
Adult divisions will run on a straight knockout basis.
IBJJF rules will apply to competition on the mats, however division brackets may vary from the IBJJF format. No divisions will be run with less than 4 competitors. Where divisions lack sufficent numbers, divisions will be combined either by weight or belt.

Entry fee is $20 per child, $25 per adult and $30 per adult entering multiple divisions.

Who as a kid didn't have dreams of being a ninja, silently dispatching the bad guys with an array of weapons then disappearing in a cloud of smoke? Well we may not be able to make that dream come true, but in a world gone PC mad, we can still teach you the basics of the bo staff, nanchaku, stick fighting and knife defence.
Will you finish this course and be a grandmaster, or be able to fend off a Navy Seal knife attack, absolutely not... but you will have an insight into authentic Okinawan weapons techniques, and you will be able to seperate the myths of Hollywood from what actually works. You may also have discovered a new life long passion, so dont think about it, do it, sign up for this Introduction to Okinawan Weapons and experience something new.

This course will run every Wednesday from Sept the 6th for 8 consecutive weeks, ending on October 25th.
All participants will have the oportunity to continue their weapons training at the completion of the course by joining our Ryukyu Kempo Karate club, if they choose.
This course is not suitable for children under 13 years old.
This course is limited to 15 people, so book now.
The cost of the course is $149 to the public, & $99 for TMAA members.

Carley & Clark Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar

This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar is being presented by world renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grand Master Red Belt Carley Gracie & BJJ Black Belt Clark Gracie. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and learn from a true legend, and the first Red Belt to teach on our shores.

This event is open to all clubs. 

Where: The Martial Arts Academy, 154 First Ave West (off Glasgow St), Tauranga.

When: October 23rd - 5pm

Fee: $140 early bird (book by Sept 23rd)


Bring your Gi, water bottle, friendly attitude and an open mind.

After School Martial Arts Programme

The Martial Arts Academy are taking a children's martial arts for self defence programme, through out 2017.
The classes will incorporate a combination of kicking and punching techniques, self defense, anti bullying strategies and a few agility games thrown in for good measure.

Through martial arts children develop confidence, increased motor skills, focus and discipline. One of the greatest benefits of learning a martial art is as their skills develop, children learn about goal setting, effort & reward as they work towards grading to the next belt level. This is an extremely valuable life skill, which sets children up well for sports, academic achievement, and ongoing success in life.

Throughout 2017 classes will be held at the following schools and times:

Bellevue Primary School Hall: Wednesdays at 7.45am - 8.45am, open to all Bellevue Primary Students*.

Green Park School Dance Studio: Wednesdays from at 3.10pm - 4.10pm, and is open to Green Park students.

Tauranga Intermediate School Hall: Tuesdays 3.15pm - 4.30pm, open to all Tauranga Intermediate students (runs from 2nd week of term).

Welcome Bay Primary School Hall: Tuesdays at 7:50am - 8:45am, and is open to Welcome Bay students. 

The block of lessons will run for 8 weeks, beginning the 2nd week of each school term. 

Please register your child here.

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